Self-Care Sunday: 5 Tips For A Successful Week

February 10, 2019

Self-Care Sunday: 5 Tips For A Successful Week

February 10, 2019

Self-Care Sunday: 5 Tips For A Successful Week

The weekend is great, right? You have a couple of days to relax, rejuvenate and maybe even catch up on your favorite Netflix series. Then, on Sunday, reality sets in.  You have a stressful week ahead of you and you’re not sure how to prepare for it. But don’t fret- there’s no need to worry. Sundays can be a productive day of planning and relaxation if you plan properly. Follow these 5 tips to have a successful week.

1.Write down your plans for the week.

This may seem like a hassle, but it’s worth it. Not only will it help your mind feel less cluttered- but it will help ensure you have a productive week. Whether you’re writing in an agenda, on a calendar on the wall or typing it out on your phone, putting your plans on paper or electronic device can help you navigate your way through a stressful week. Penciling important deadlines, lunch dates and kids’ recitals will ensure that you won’t miss anything during your day.

2. Meal Prep

Worrying about budgeting for groceries and preparing meals during the day can add an unnecessary amount of stress on you. Meal prep will not only eliminate much of your worries during the week, but if planned correctly, you can ensure you and your kids get the proper amount of nutrients during the week. During a busy week, you may find it difficult to take proper care of yourself and be cautious of your health. You can use Sunday to plan a balanced meal plan for the week, which will benefit your whole family.

3. Skin Care

Unfortunately, sometimes your skin doesn’t handle a stressful week very well. Whether you experience breakouts or flaky, dry skin; it’s a good idea to use that facemask in the back of your bathroom cabinet that can never seem to find time to use before starting your week. Taking some time out of your Sunday to relax your skin and your mind will be sure to set you up to have a more enjoyable week.

4.Make time for your hobby/hobbies that you ignore during the week

Whether this means watching your favorite Netflix show that you’ve missed out on during the week or playing a tennis match; if you make time for your hobbies before the weeks starts you will surely have a smoother week. Work is important, but having some fun in your life is also important. Don’t hesitate to enjoy yourself this Sunday.

5.Pick out your outfits for the week

Do you ever find that the culprit of your tardiness is the fact that you can’t seem to pick out the right outfit for the occasion? An easy way to eliminate this stress is to go through your closet this Sunday and choose some outfits that you think you’ll want to wear during the week. You can separate work out clothes from work clothes and pajamas to have an organized system. Say bye-bye to the days of being late because you are indecisive about your outfit choice.

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