15 Motivational Podcasts For Women, By Women

Rachel George
July 16, 2019

15 Motivational Podcasts For Women, By Women

Rachel George
July 16, 2019

15 Motivational Podcasts For Women, By Women

15 podcast for women

34 Million women listen to podcast all over the world. A recent research study found that an estimated 34 million women listen to podcasts, increasing yearly. It’s where women get tips for time management, new ideas on how to start a business or just listening to the experiences of others in various career fields. There’s a podcast for everyone, more importantly for women, by women. If you ever need a laugh, catch up on news through a feminist lens or here inspirational career stories from other women, we have you covered. Here is a list of 15 motivational podcasts for women, by women to help you feel like the girl boss you are. 


Black Girl Podcast

I started listening to Black Girl Podcast after attending graduate school in Syracuse. Here were five women having candid conversations about finding their purpose while still letting us know that being an adult isn’t easy. Determining whether or not to take certain jobs, dealing with your mental health and self-care and dealing with lingering feelings from past relationships. 


Call Your Girlfriend by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, Produced by Gina Delvac

Hey Girlfriend that lives hundreds of thousands of miles away. Call You Girlfriend Podcast has built a following around their long-distance best-friendship and turned it into a podcast. The women have the post opinionated conversations about body shaming, workplace drama, and the day to day life of your modern-day, non-famous woman.  


Asking for Friend by Lauren Conrad

Fashion Designer and former star of the MTV hit show The Hills, Lauren Conrad gets open and honest with a variety of experts sharing advice on life, style, beauty, parenting, relationships, wellness and more. It’s only been a few months but fans cannot get enough of Lauren’s party planning tips and her insights on running a nonprofit organization with the co-founder of the Little Market Hannah Skvarla.  


Unladylike by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin

For the women who like to bend the rules just a little. Unladylike is hosted by two feminists, Caroline and Cristen, whose mission is to make inclusive, credible media. moves by sharing diverse experiences about the gender gap, online dating, and underlying justice against women, such as women’s abortion rights and other topics. 


2 Dope Queens by Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are comedic best friends who host a live comedy show with Brooklyn. Their last and most popular episode featured former First Lady Michelle Obama, where she gets real and raw about racial stereotypes, raising her daughters and straying from negative cultural stereotypes. We can all learn a few things from Potus. The show has ended but those life gems are still available. 


Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Oprah Winfrey sits down with her array of thought-provoking leaders and celebrity friends to encourage others to be the best version of themselves. In a two-part episode, Oprah shared motivational words that changed her life from her mentor and incomparable authoress/poet late Dr.  Maya Angelou. 


#MOMSGOTTHIS by Stacy Igel and Michelle Park 

Being a mom is no joke, balancing work-family life, the ups, and downs, quick last-minute recipes for dinner, while still catering to your child’s every beck and calling with a smile on your face. It’s not perfect but Stacy Igel and Michelle Park cover daily topics to women on their mom journey to understand you’re doing great and you’ve “Got This.” 


Women Rule by Anna Palmer

 POLITICO’s Anna Palmer gets up close and personal with your favorite girl bosses, breaking barriers, destroying myths about women in tech like head of Wikimedia Foundation Katherine Maher and unconventional ways of success with the former head of WWE Linda McMahon. 


She Did it Her Way by Amanda Boleyn

Considering opening a business or quitting your job to be a full-time entrepreneur, turning your hobby/ passion into a career? This podcast is specifically for you. Boleyn shares business savvy tips and advice from herself and other females entrepreneurs who did it their own way. 


Girl Boss Radio hosted by GirlBoss CEO Sophia Amoruso

Laugh and learn from GirlBoss CEO and other trailblazing Girlbosses about having a successful career and living life on your own terms. It’s personal, fun, and motivating all at once.


Stuff Mom Never Told You by Anney Reese and Samantha McVey

This podcast explores the various spectrums of sexuality, politics, feminism with some culturally informative commentary, post former hosts Caroline and Cristen (Unladylike). Recent topics include dating in the #MeToo era, healthy coping skills and women in entertainment production. 


The Mattie James Show 

Atlanta-based Style influencer Matties James believes in balancing life beautifully and living life gratefully through her revamped her Mattieologie podcast. She shares advice on content creation and how to build an online presence and working smarter not harder with other creatives like Blavity CEO Morgan Debaun 


 My Taught You Podcast by Myleiek Teele

Founder of curlBOX.com and entrepreneur Myleik Teele is known for sharing her tips on personal branding, business and women’s empowerment.  Listeners appreciate her honest, refreshing advice with an audience of at last 2 million listeners.


Switch, Pivot or Quit by Ahyiana Angel

Voted one of the top 10 essential best Business podcasts, creator Ahyiana Angel is focused on helping women improve their lives personally and professionally. Her weekly podcasts is designed for “women  seeking encouragement, inspiration + change in a life filled with demands on who she should be.”


Style in Your Mind Podcast by Cara Alwill

This wellness podcast is for women who are ready to build a life around their own ideas and thoughts by empowering themselves, according to master life coach Cara Alwill. She inspires thousands of women with business advice and life tips with fashionable style.

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