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How Ida Tin Helped Women Get A Clue About Periods

How Ida Tin Helped Women Get A Clue About Periods

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Have you ever needed help tracking your monthly periods? Well, grab your phone and download Clue. Clue is the next step in the evolution of period tracking. The app is intended to track the patterns of female menstrual cycles, but also offer tips regarding female health issues. Ida Tin, co-founder, developed the app as a platform for feminine health, specifically menstrual, pregnancy, post-pregnancy. Clue is considered to be the new highlight of the “femtech” market. Undoubtedly, its 10 million followers would agree.

After her birth control caused abnormal side effects, Tin sought to ask questions that not many knew the answers. So, she wanted to create an app that could provide help for females struggling just as she. Her early stages of pitching her idea, to those who would listen, was slightly ineffective. Many of her investors were men with little to no interest in the process of female menstruation. As a woman, Tin new that there was an active market for feminine hygiene products. But, it took the help of her partner Hans Raffauf, also a co-founder, to gain the attention of Silicon Valley and 50,000 euros for the startup’s launch.

Clue first arrived on the scene of AI “period trackers” in 2013. Since its unveiling, the app has amassed nearly 10 million active users worldwide. Its growing attention sought out investors successfully generating close to $30 million in the present and future funding.

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Clue allows women to track the length of their period, its heaviness, and the severity of their menstrual pains. Once they’ve signed up, users are prompted to follow their cycle. A series of questions are asked so that one’s “unique personal health insights” can be assessed. The opening question, “do you know how long your period lasts” and those that follow, are preceded by a few sentences of information relevant to one’s input. The app also asks what the user would like to know more about “birth control, cycle-related symptoms, pregnancy, and fertility, or just periods.” Whichever selected, the app will send personalized tips as notifications. When tracking a period, users can choose “tracking categories.” These range from PMS pains to daily emotions to the appearance of skin. 

Perhaps the essential part of the app is its offered knowledge on feminine, specifically vaginal, health. There’s even a place to enter details of your personal life that may attribute to any vaginal discomfort before, after or during your cycle. Currently, women rely on their cellphones to answer any reproductive questions. Therefore, the natural use of the app is perfect for women on the go. Don’t forget, it’s free.

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Elle magazine notes it as “a continuing sex educator for women.” This is because of the unique features the app offers. The app does not merely tell you when your period is coming, but also analysis as to what specific PMS symptoms mean for your health, your most fertile times of the month, ovulation times and your unprotected window (possible times to become pregnant) — prompting women to feel more comfortable when discussing the female body.

Tin’s recent venture is collaborating with researchers from Stanford to review the anonymous data, entered by the app’s users. The research would allow for accurate predictions of ovarian or vaginal disease. Their discoveries are then relayed back to the app, to answer those overwhelming tough questions. This type of app-based research is still in the works, for the sake of accuracy, but the attempt is still being made. With Tin’s steadfast dedication to women’s health, the app is bound to make all of us proud and more vaginally aware as well.

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