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How This Body Positive Blogger Is Normalizing Plus Size Bodies In The Media

Creator of #VisiblyPlusSize and plus-size model and blogger Alex LaRosa attended last year’s theCurvyCon as a panel guest to talk about body positivity and size diversity, at the largest celebration of plus-size beauty and fashion. Over the last eight years, she’s become an influential part of the body-positive movement, forming a community of over 130,000 individuals. Through her platform, LaRosa has created a safe space for plus-size women everywhere to be seen visibly.

#VisiblyPlusSize  is asking brands and companies to book models bigger than a size 18 that have the rolls, that have cellulite, that has all the markings of the everyday women.” 

She started #VisiblyPlusSize to normalize the media representation of plus-size women, whether it be in film, tv, or stages all over the world. It’s no secret that the fashion and beauty industry has embraced inclusivity but more needs to be done. For the last eight years, LaRosa has continuously used her platform to push this message, offering encouragement and inspiration to women no matter what size, shape, race, or age. During the panel, she also recalled being one of the only models at her size during her early modeling days in Los Angeles, California.


Since her early modeling days in Los Angeles, California, body-positive activist, and influencer Alex LaRosa has been an influential part of the plus-size industry. You’ve seen her as the face of fashion and lifestyle brands like Ashley Stewart, Torrid, ModCloth, JCPenney, and many more. She entered the industry during a time where most models didn’t look like her. Now she celebrates every time she sees brands using models bigger than a size 16. 

Alex LaRosa is determined to continue to be at the forefront of the body positive, helping people to feel good about their bodies and the clothes they wear. She also encourages women to embrace each other during the process of learning to love yourself and your body, disregarding society’s standards of beauty. 

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She takes back her power from society by practicing forgiveness, understanding that we live in a society that sells an idea that your body is not worthy or tells you not to love your body. “We see messages all the time telling us how to feel about our bodies, what to wear, she said. “You have to forgive yourself and understand that there are brands and industries out there that will tell you your body is not worthy, just to make a dollar. Bring it back and remember it’s not your fault you feel this way.” 

It’s society’s, and frankly, if they have a problem, we no longer care because all women are more than worthy, no matter what size. 

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