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10 Quick Ways To Get Over A Slump And Start Feeling Better Instantly

We’ve all had those days where you have a case of being in a slump and all you want to do is curl up under a favorite blanket and hideaway. You hate everybody and everything, but you don’t know why. First of all, what you’re experiencing is perfectly normal. We are only human, and we all have a full range of emotions, so we can’t expect ourselves to always be happy or in a good mood.  However, it’s important to recognize that persistent feelings of unhappiness may be related to a more serious condition and should be discussed with a medical professional.

Most of us hate feeling this way, but sometimes we have trouble overcoming that slump. So here are some tips to help you climb out from under that blanket. 

  1. The first thing that you want to do to get past a slump is just facing it head-on. The sooner you face the issue, the quicker you’ll get over it. Yes, I understand that this is easier said than done, but trust me, it works. What I typically do when facing an issue is grab a piece of paper and write down whatever it is that’s bothering me, and then I simply throw it away once I’ve re-read it at least five or six times. The idea here is to physically “let go”, so you may want to destroy the paper in a different way. Whatever helps you is what we are trying to accomplish here. 
  2. Find some sort of distraction. Go out for drinks with the girls, Put on your favorite movie. Maybe even go on a spontaneous trip! What I normally do is go to the bookstore and spend hours looking through different genres of books. That not only distracts me, but it makes the time pass quickly too. 
  3. Go on YouTube or on your phone’s app store and look up guided meditations. Meditations can give your mind clarity and a sense of relaxation. What I do is go up to my room, turn off the lights, close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. We always have access to our breath. This can help to trick your body into relaxing and lowering your heart rate.
  4. Ask yourself, “Was this situation really worth getting this upset about?” A lot of the time we tend to get upset over small situations, which then often lead to a bigger situation. So, it is always a good thing to ask yourself whether getting into a funky mood is actually worth it. 
  5. Exercise. When you exercise, it not only lets off some steam, but it’s also beneficial for your health. (Pretty much a win-win situation.) 
  6. Make yourself laugh or have someone else make you laugh. Laughter is good for the soul, and it’s also great for letting things go and picking yourself up from the floor. 
  7. Journal. Writing all of your inner thoughts down can be very relieving and can even put you in a better mood. Much like my first point, this is because you are getting all of that negativity out of your system and onto a blank page. But with a journal, you can revisit what you’ve written later.
  8. Treat yourself to a massage or a solo spa day. When I go get a massage, I feel like the massage therapist is rubbing away all of the problems that I need to let go. 
  9. Forgive. When you choose to forgive someone or something, that tends to take a heavy burden from off of your shoulders and can fill your body up with a sense of calm.
  10. Amp up the self-love, girl! Go stand in front of the mirror and remind yourself of how great you are and of all of the accomplishments that you’ve done and want to do. Be proud of the woman that you are today and embrace all of your perfections and imperfections. Just be you.


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*Please note that I am not and do not claim to be a medical or mental health professional. This article is not intended to give medical advice.*

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