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5 Personal Finance Apps To Break Bad Spending Habits

Do you constantly find yourself overspending and finding it hard to make ends meet every month? Do you feel rotten and promise yourself to manage your money and spending habits better, but each month you repeat the same habits with the same results? There’s no need to continue to beat yourself up or to be embarrassed about your spending habits. In fact, according to Psychology Today, one of the reasons people overspend is the so-called, “what-the-hell” effect. This occurs when you feel a sense of failure or feel bad about your overspending, and you then overspend because you tell yourself that it’s hopeless or that you’ve blown it, so why try? The cycle of overspending then continues. But, because of the amazing tech world that we live in – “there’s an app for that!” Rather than burden yourself with the additional costs of a financial planner here are some easy and cool apps that will help you manage your money better on your own terms.


  • Personal CapitalThis app is all about budgeting and investing. The whole goal for this app is to help you manage, understand and grow your net worth. Basically, you can have your entire financial life recorded on this platform. This app boasts 4.8 stars with over 19,000 reviews on Apple’s app store.


  • Mint This app is ideal for the visually-oriented user. The app utilizes color-coded circle graphs to help you become more organized and see your finances right in front of you, making it less overwhelming to manage your money. This app ranks in the top 30 finance apps on the Apple app store.


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  • Acorns Their whole motto is invest your spare change. This app utilizes line graphs to show your earning and spending rates as well as future projections in a more modern “change jar” fashion. NerdWallet afforded Acorns 4 stars, noting that this app is great for those looking to save more.


  • Dollarbird This app is a cloud-based platform that is both available for IOS and Android users. When using this app, you will be able to track your income and all expenses that you may have on a calendar-style layout. Dollarbird also offers the Pro feature of being able to collaborate with up to three other individuals. This app received 4.7 stars in the Apple app store.


  • Wallet – Finance Tracker and Budget Planner This app is currently the number seven top-grossing finance app on the Google Play store. This app gives you different systems for budgeting, debt management, and bill reminders that will allow peace of mind when managing your finances. This app has 4.6stars and is an Editors’ Choice on the Google Play store.
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