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6 Body-Positive Bloggers To Inspire & Empower Every Woman

In a world where society attempts to control how we view ourselves and others, it’s nice to be encouraged by women who unapologetically accept themselves for who they are. These body-positive bloggers, influencers, and designers are a part of a much larger movement championing women’s appearance and self-love. When they’re not challenging traditional norms, they’re creating plus size clothing collections, and strutting their gorgeous curves on runways and magazine covers all around the world. 

Here are 6 body-positive bloggers/influencers to inspire every woman. 


Noelle Downing

Beauty and lifestyle influencer Noelle Downing just released her first swimwear collection, Golden Hour, pushing the message that all bodies are swimsuit bodies, no matter what size. Through reflection and self-love, Noelle learned to love herself and to encourage other women to do the same via social media. “I wanted to make my Instagram a place where you could see yourself; I wanted you to come to my page and feel like you walked away with something good, she told Cosmopolitan. “I wanted you to see that I wore this dress without a bra on Instagram, and even though you never thought you could do that, you could rock it too.”


Kayla C Boyd

The first thing you notice about NYC-based Editor/blogger Kayla C Boyd is her bubbly personality and confidence. Personally and professionally, she writes about beauty, lifestyle, and anything having to do with body positivity, encouraging women of all ages and sizes to feel confident and live unapologetically. People, women especially, put so much pressure on ourselves and our bodies to look a certain way, and it can often hold us back. “That’s why I take body positivity and this whole movement so seriously,” she said. “As a size 16 woman, of course, society has its ways of making me feel bad about my body sometimes, but it’s important to block all of that out and find a love and appreciation for your curves, your cellulite, whatever it is you may be insecure about. Confidence can truly outshine any insecurity when you allow it to!”


Jessamyn Stanley 

body-positive bloggers

Body positive yogi Jessamyn Stanley has been at the head of making wellness more inclusive, defining body negativity and changing the meaning of words like fat. Her Instagram serves as a source of inspiration for those underrepresented in yoga and fitness, posing in various poses in underwear or a bathing suit. “Fat has become synonymous with being dumb, unworthy, ugly, lazy, it’s almost like a profanity,” she said in an interview. “The only way you can let go of a weapon, especially in the form of a word, is to take the weapon back. I can be fat, but I can also be healthy, I can also be athletic, I can also be beautiful, I can also be strong. I don’t have to be limited by this word.” She recently launched app The UnderBelly, a safe community space to practice yoga at home, focused on how you feel, rather than how you look. 


Ragini R

body-positive bloggers

Vintage clothing lover Ragini R expresses herself through her classic vintage style and aesthetic with her award-winning blog A Curious Fancy. She believes in having the freedom to wear and do whatever with your own body, sharing her most conscious body parts in a sexy lingerie photoshoot. One of the reasons for this is that I rarely see fat girls with flat butts represented even in fat positive media. So this is me trying to create a bit more positive representation for us flat bum fatties because there’s no single acceptable way to have a fat body!”, she shared. “Life’s too short to not dress the way you’ve always dreamed of!” 

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Rochelle Johnson

body-positive bloggers

The creator of is a fashionable plus size girl who’s not afraid to break the rules, wearing what she loves. Arkansas-based fashionista Rochelle Jordan dishes on her affordable, timeless wardrobe of print colors and bold patterns and her contagious confidence. Her posts range from the most comfortable bra, casual business looks, and budget-friendly outfits for the summer like this cute all-white dress for under $40. Her BCxLB collection with Lane Bryant features print dresses and playful jumpsuits. A step up from being an employee during college. Her confidence is contagious. 



Thamarr - body-positive bloggers

Thamarr is another body-positive blogger breaking the rules of fashion and society by doing something radical and revolutionary, “loving myself and the body that I have and styling it well.” Her blog Musings of a Curvy Lady is all about love, life, travel, beauty, and body positivity. She doesn’t care about strangers telling her to cover up parts of her body. She’s grateful for her legs, her thighs and inspiring quotes that give her a leg up. In the words of Miss Piggy, “I don’t care what you think about me unless you think I’m awesome.  In which case you are right.”

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