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Colourpop’s Sweet New Summer Collab

Colourpop, a popular, affordable makeup brand, dropped a new collaboration with Halo Top in time for the summer. The collab with the ice cream brand Halo Top features four sets of two eyeshadows themed after different ice cream flavors. 

Founded in 2014, Colourpop has become incredibly popular over the last five years thanks to their affordability and cruelty-free practices. Their best-selling products are their Super Shock Shadows which Colourpop describes on their website as a “revolutionary creme-powder eyeshadow, famous for its unique bouncy texture.” 

The Halo Top x Colourpop collection features two of the glitter Super Shock Shadows to match the four flavors – Mint Chip, Birthday Cake, Strawberry, and Rainbow Swirl. The shadows are generally bright and stick to green, pink, and orange tones. 

Halo Top x Colourpop

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Halo Top Creamery is known for their light ice creams that have fewer calories, less sugar, and more protein than the average pint of ice cream. A Halo Top pint of ice cream only has 280-360 calories. Meanwhile, other brands can surpass 1,000 calories for more decadent flavors. The brand over the last few years has grown to be a bestselling ice cream in the U.S., making it a good match for a newer brand like Colourpop.

The flavors can be bought individually for $12 or all four for $40. The collab is limited edition, so get them while they’re still available this summer. 

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