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How Arielle Charnas Uses Authenticity To Drive Her Brand

Arielle Charnas is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Starting her blog in 2009, Charnas officially launched herself as a revered fashion influencer when her website, Something Navy, collaborated with Nordstrom and made over $1 million in less than 24 hours.

Charnas makes sure to open a window into her world where nothing is off-limits to her 1.2 million followers. “It’s about bringing something different to the table. I tell girls to be raw. Talk about personal things, life, things that you’re feeling,” Charnas said on what it takes to stand out (Fashionista).


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Charnas started her blog back in 2009 after her boyfriend broke up with her and, channeling her heartbreak into drive, she built her website into the empire that it is today. Charnas started posting outfits and inspiring women all over the world and fell in love with it. Six months later, a digital marketing agency approached her to sign her on as her first influencer gig. The rest is history as Charnas rises as one of the industry’s top earners and is launching her own fashion line, Something Navy. Through her years of blogging and being an influencer, Charnas has learned how to market to what her audience wants. Having a large Instagram platform and being able to engage with her followers, Charnas was able to learn what they are looking for in the market. Reading over DMs of girls who wanted her opinion on pieces that they could wear from day to night or a good pair of jeans that were “just distressed enough”, Charnas knew that she had all the tools and information from her followers to help them feel and look amazing.

When Charnas collabed with Nordstrom in 2018 with one of their in-house brands, it was Nordstrom’s most successful collaboration in their history to date, which made them jump at the opportunity to launch Charnas’s brand, Something Navy. She said that she “felt like they totally understood me, understood my vision; they understood my followers and they really let me take the reins” (Observer). Even with such amazing success from her collaboration with Nordstrom, Charnas hasn’t lost sight of why she started the line in the first place. Drawing inspiration from her followers, Charnas listened and created what her followers wanted but with her own little twist. And obviously, this approach works, as Charnas signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Nordstrom, quickly becoming the retailer’s most successful partnership ever, with $5 million in single-day sales. With her new line, Charnas is looking toward the future to make fashion that her followers appreciate and love. From celebrity runway looks to everyday, trendy outfits, Charnas is ready to tackle it all. And with her passion and authenticity, there’s no knowing what heights she will reach.

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