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How To Make Your Summer Run Fun
Summer run

If you’re a fit mom or looking to be a fit mom, then you should know it’s not always easy. And with summer at its peak, a run in the sun isn’t any easier. The temperature’s always too hot, your outfit doesn’t help, and for some reason, you can’t get enough Powerade. It is important to know the physical strains of running and how to combat them. The most common problems for women, when running, are staying hydrated, choosing comfortable outfits, and what kind of skin protection to use. Here are a few tips for running in the summertime.

Stay Hydrated. Hot weather puts extra stress on the body, and that stress turns to sweat. The more sweat the body produces the more fluids your body loses. Thus, one must stay hydrated. That does not mean you should overload on electrolyte filled water. Be moderate, often drinking small amounts at a time. It’d be valuable to purchase a carryon water pouch. Hydration packs, for example, can be used to hold liquids and keep it cool for long periods. To reduce cramps while running, there is no need for gulping gallons to decide when is a good time for a good sip and keep it going. suggests 4 to six ounces (3/4 cup) is the recommended amount every twenty minutes. 

Eat More Carbs. It is advised that you should wait at least two hours after a full meal before running. However, it also important to eat during your run. When you’ve got little time to refuel, eating carbs during your jog can help you run longer. Carbs supply energy and help your body better adapt to the hard labor of running. The more carbs, the more steps you can take. Eat in segments during your run. If you plan on running for an hour, then have an energy bar at the thirty-minute mark. Half an hour run? Take a snack break at minute fifteen. Anything with fruit or oats is easy to digest and easy for the body to take in, try Nature Valley Fruit and Nut Bars.

Looking Good, Feeling Good. No matter the temperature, you’re bound to get hot when you start to run. So, you should plan your outfits accordingly. Humidity renders a different outfit than dry heat. A good sports bra can make or break your run. There’s no need to spend an unnecessary amount of money, but investing in a bra that both fits well and looks great is a must. Breathable tank top made of synthetic materials or polyester is perfect for a running outfit. Any cotton blended top or bottom would hold in moisture instead of whipping it away. Most feel comfortable wearing shorts and a crop top or just a sports bra, so they aren’t weighed down. If you’d rather cover up, mesh, nylon or polyester running tights are most preferred. 

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Protection from the sun. Wearing sunscreen is very important for protecting the skin, as we all know. But which is best for running? Which one resists sweat? Which SPF number works? These are the questions one should ask before challenging the sun’s rays. Sunscreen officials have voted Coppertone Sport Clear (SPF 30), Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen (SPF 40), and Banana Boat Simply Protect Sensitive (SPF 50) to be the best working waterproof sunblock. But these are merely suggestions. A good rule of thumb is to search for an oil and fragrance-free formula that way you avoid stinging eyes.

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