Career Lessons We Can Learn From the Queen of Motivational Speaking Rachel Hollis

By Shanice Gravesandy
April 22, 2020

Career Lessons We Can Learn From the Queen of Motivational Speaking Rachel Hollis

Who is Rachel Hollis? She’s a motivational speaker, CEO of The Hollis Company, two-time New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, content creator, mom, Bey-hive member, and superwoman to her 1.8 million Instagram followers. With so many avenues to navigate and manage, we wonder when she finds the time to take a breather. Her career path has been quite a ride – dropping out of acting school, interning at Miramax Films, starting an event planning company and creating a blog, which has landed her in the very multifaceted position she’s in now.

We have so much to learn from Rachel, starting with how she built an inspiring empire, the lessons she learned along the way, and her outlook on failure.


It started with a blog…

Rachel’s blog was the inauguration of her career in the motivational speaking and later led to the launch of her media company, Hollis & Co. It reflected what was happening in her reality, whether she wanted food recipes to feed her family of four or needed personal development advice. “As I went on that journey, I just sort of took the fans along for the ride, and that has led to where we are today,” Rachel says in a USA Today interview. Since her lifestyle blog and social media presence blew up, she now encourages women in person through her uplifting conferences.

Rachel Hollis - Everyday XO

Career lessons…

We’re sure there are a lot of lessons that come with being your own boss, and in Rachel’s case, its that her audience is actually the boss. She’s a firm believer in listening to what the audience wants and giving it to them. Make’s sense, right? Giving your supporters exactly what they’re looking for leads to them coming back for more – and even better – telling their friends.

“I think so many people who maybe start out in a certain industry get really set in their ways or really romantic about what they produce or how it’s given to our customers, and we really have let the customers guide us,” she says.

Her take on failure…

You don’t get to the point of heading up a multi-million dollar business without running into a few roadblocks, but failure and obstacles clearly haven’t deterred Rachel from success. She describes being turned down by every publisher after completing her first book as the lowest point in her career. So many of us have been there – feeling like your world is literally ending and you’re horrible at what you do because someone else doesn’t see your true value.

Rejection and failure are hard, but it’s an unavoidable part of life. “Failure means that you’re living. Failure means that you’re trying,” says Rachel in her latest New York Times best-seller, “Girl, Stop Apologizing.”

What we admire most about Rachel is her content delivery. She provides inspiration, life hacks, how-to’s, personal development, recipes and more through so many mediums. Like to read? You’ll find her books on the shelves and her blogs online. Prefer podcasts? She has one of those as well. If videos are your go-to, she also has you covered on YouTube. And of course, you can see her live and in action at one of her RISE conferences.


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