Hey Mama is the Community of Mom-Bosses Every Working Mother Needs

By The Everyday XO Team
April 14, 2020

Hey Mama is the Community of Mom-Bosses Every Working Mother Needs

It takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to support a mom. With all emotional, physical and mental ups and downs moms go through from the minute the stick turns pink to returning to work, to their first day of school, to well, does it ever end? The point is, motherhood is challenging, whether you work or stay at home. The expectations placed on women by society and let’s face it ourselves can weigh us down to the point where anxiety, depression and a whole host of other emotions take over. This is why the support of other moms is an essential aspect of our journey. 

Co-founders of Hey Mama, Katya Libin, and Amri Kibbler felt like they didn’t have this support, so they created they’re own. While searching for support, they found communities for moms, as well as communities for professionals, however, the hybrid career-driven mom community was nowhere to be found. So, Hey Mama was birthed as a “badass league” of working mothers that offer a sense of community regardless of where they are in their careers and life. The membership-based platform requires an application that gives you access to a network of professional moms, exclusive events and content, networking opportunities, discounts on products and services, and more. Katya and Amri’s goal was to create a space where women could excel in their careers and motherhood through mentorship, advice, and connection. 

“We have women asking hundreds of questions a day from where they should travel to how they should sell their company, grow their business and find partners. The online community connects really actively and you have women from around the country that are helping you find introductions, get access to new opportunities, [and] figure out how to do things,” says Katya.

Clearly, these ladies got it right, as they recently secured $2 million in seed funding through investors, including Rebecca Minkoff, Alison Wyatt, Karen Cahn, Kori Estrada, amongst others. This means even more support for working moms who are battling guilt, juggling PTA meetings and corporate meetings and need sound advice.

Speaking of advice, the dynamic mom-duo has plenty of gems to share. Amri suggests that moms include their children in their careers and business to help them understand and learn from what you do and why you do it. “I know that mom guilt can be a big issue but you can pull them in and get them excited about what you’re excited about, she explained to Entrepreneur.com. Katya advises that women share their passion for their careers so kids understand that it’s not a chore that has to be done but something that they love to do every day. This sets an example for kids to also follow through with the activities that excite them. 

Currently, Hey Mama has joined the rest of the professional world in shifting to a work-from-home model and has canceled their in-person events. But they’re very aware that the show must go on with parents and children working remotely. As you can imagine moms need more support and maybe a little more wine during this time. Hey, Ladies are now facilitating virtual events and has also offered a free month-long trial. As far as what’s helping them through this time, Katya shares that nailing down a solid routine has been a saving grace for her and her eight-year-old daughter. 

If you’re apart of a thriving mommy community, share it with us, so other moms can access the support as well. Also, check out how Ayesha Curry handles motherhood, entrepreneurship and taking care of herself.

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