How Ayesha Curry Handles Business, Kids And Self-Care

By The Everyday XO Team
April 2, 2020

How Ayesha Curry Handles Business, Kids And Self-Care

There are a lot of famous moms that do it all. It’s fantastic to see many of them be everywhere and still manage to be an attentive mom; we all know and love. Ayesha Curry happens to be one of those mothers. People mainly know her as the wife of three-time NBA Champion for the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry. However, she’s the founder and CEO of Homemade and mom to three. Here’s a look into how this mompreneur balances motherhood, caring for herself, work, and business ventures.

Unbeknownst to many, Ayesha Curry is the CEO and founder of Homemade, a brand that initially started as providing meal kits to families each week with recipes curated by her. Now, Homemade features cookware, bakeware, candles, bedding, apparel, jewelry, and more! Not to mention she has a bestselling cookbook, will be a host for the upcoming show Family Food Fight, CoverGirl model, and restauranteur of International Smoke and its four locations.

You’re probably wondering how she balances it all. But the mom of three revealed in an interview with Refinery29 that she doesn’t believe in balance.

“I like to say there are peaks and valleys. There are moments where you feel like you just want to quit,” Curry admits. “But then you press forward, and you realize it’s a moment, and then something great happens in business, and you want to keep trucking along. It’s acknowledging these moments — letting the bad moments pass and realizing the bigger picture.”

Her outlook on balance is a refreshing one. Especially since she is a mom of three to 10-month-old son Canon, 3-year-old daughter Ryan, and 6-year-old daughter Riley. But adding another child to the well-oiled machine of parenting can be a difficult one. Curry manages to handle it with more ease since the addition of Canon to the family.

“[F]or some reason my third is so easy. He’s very regimented, he’s on a schedule. Maybe it’s because I’m a more relaxed parent now,” Curry said. “But I mean, has it gotten crazier? Yes. Because I only have two hands and three children, sometimes I’m outnumbered in limbs to human beings.”



But even though her hands are unable to sometimes keep up with her big family. That doesn’t mean she’s unable to keep up with growing her success. Curry went from having a YouTube channel dedicated to her cooking in 2014 to Gather sending out weekly meal kits for families.

Gather is under the new name Homemade, and it’s bigger than ever. Some of her home products, such as cookware and bakeware, are being sold in stores such as Target. She revealed the most crucial part of business, and what she makes sure to teach her children while she goes for numerous ventures. 

“I feel like when you’re afraid of failing, you hinder yourself because you’re not thinking outside of the box. I always want them to know that the world is truly their oyster and that if they have a vision and a dream and a passion, even if what their vision is doesn’t end up being successful, they can never say they didn’t try. I think as an entrepreneur, that’s really important.”

Her advice works when put into action because the fruits of her labor are abundant. However, with multiple businesses, children, and having to cheer on her husband at the NBA Playoffs and Finals, self-care can be difficult. But she revealed to Kitchn the top five things she does to participate in self-care.

“I wake up in the mornings, and I take five minutes to say a prayer to God and give gratitude. When I can, once every two weeks, I try to do a nice bubble bath with Epsom salts in it. Oh, and in the tub, a glass of wine. With the kids, I love doing art projects that I get on Amazon Prime. I [also] love the Sunday morning farmers market!”

Curry’s self-care may seem simple, but it goes to show that doing the little things in life that you enjoy will make your day or week much better. But later in her interview with Refinery29, she targeted her business knowledge to women. She is dropping some vital expertise on the importance of online presence. 

“[M]ake sure you have a website,” she emphasized. “It’s the easiest way to get yourself out there — your vision, your world, your messaging, and nobody else can skew it. It’s your opportunity to showcase what it is you have to offer, and I think it’s really smart to set that up for yourself.”

A couple of pages can be taken out of Ayesha Curry’s book, and not her cooking one. Whether this inspires your next business plan or you decide to pay more attention to self-care. This shows that all moms and businesswomen have loads of experience and advice to give others. Pass this piece on to a friend in need or bookmark it to reread for an inspiration boost!

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