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Hi, I’m Jasmine Crockett, the Founder, and CEO of Everyday XO Media. I created Everyday XO Media as an extension of my fashion and lifestyle site, XO Jasmine. As the founder of XO Jasmine, I am always on the lookout for the best of the best topics to share with my readers. I aim to share content that informs and inspires women to live well, dress well, and travel well.

My goal here at Everyday XO is to create a space where all women feel inspired and informed daily from the content they’re reading no matter their background. Everyday XO goal is to provide women with a one-stop shop of all the must-know positive content and inspiration to take into their day to day. I want to change the narrative of media for women in a positive light, and I hope you enjoy our content, experiences, and much more of what we have on the way.

about us

Everyday XO is the modern woman’s daily guide to elevating her everyday. A newsletter created to help women stay motivated, keep up with positive news, and read content that is relatable. The best stories and feel good news delivered right to your inbox every am. Start everyday with a dose of positivity and motivation! We’re dedicated to delivering positive topics that matter to women across categories such as beauty, career, wellness, culture, motherhood, news and more. We strive to be a go-to source of information, inspiration and motivation to empower women through their everyday.


We aim to inspire women all over the world to live their best life and be their best selves.

Elevating Her Everyday.

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